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The Midwest Madman

FBI Agent Megan Raines is investigating her first major case, a horrific serial killer in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Midwest Madman has been killing for years, but he doesn’t just kill his victims, he tortures them slowly.

Megan and her partner, James, work with the local authorities to track down this insane killer. As the case begins to unravel, a dear friend of Megan’s becomes the prime suspect.

The Madman strikes again, taking a young woman with a bright future. Can they find the Madman before they run out of time?

Marionette - front cover.jpg

The Marionette Murders

Prostitutes are disappearing in Baltimore, Maryland. When their bodies are found dressed and painted like dolls, FBI Agent Megan Raines and her team are brought in to investigate.

Anna Pierce believes she has found the story that will make her career, but before she can get her story written she’s kidnapped.

Agent Raines finds out the same killer she’s searching for is the kidnapper who has Anna Pierce, can she find Anna before he kills her?


Coming Soon!

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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